ICT For Job Creation Project

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) flood every aspect of our lives; from most rural and urban parts of the world, and in every community almost every small to large organization needs people with computer skills for data analysis, secretarial services (like printing, binding, laminating, photocopying, typing), computer repairs, networking, programming and software and hardware installations.  The advancement of ICTs has brought new opportunities for both knowledge sharing and information gathering for both women and men. Therefore this project intends to reach the unconnected adolescents, families, and populations to better understand their needs and challenges through ICT such that they can provide unlimited opportunities for economic development and social engagement through new innovative thinking and tools. Therefore, the presence of both undeserved and unengaged youth remains the largest success determinant for this project in Busukuma Division.


This project will focus on increasing accessibility of quality computer practical training for job creation and usage that meet information technology labor markets through tapping the opportunities in the ICT sector at all levels in both the informal and formal sectors. This project render services ranging from computer desktop training, printer and publishing, maintenance and repair trainings (both hardware and software), software and hardware installations and internet among other services.,


To be a well-established ICT based training service center of excellence in Uganda


  • To equip youth with marketable computer skills for job creation and income generation.


  • To offer ICT based and secretarial services for improved financial potential of members and youth employment creation.
  • To build capacity of members on how to improve their social and economic wellbeing through training and availing the youth with reading materials on how to take good care of themselves by abstaining from sex, family planning usage and




  • To employ the youth so as to reduce on cases of drug abuse, STI and HIV/AIDS infection by keeping them busy through computer trainings.
  • To generate income for the club members and create employment opportunities among youth for sustainable livelihoods and self-containment.
  • To be the best computer training center offering the best computer services in the Central region.

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