Livelihood and Rehabilitation

EYDI aims to restore hope and contribute to the wellbeing of young people and their parents through saving/support groups, equip them with positive parenting skills, Vocational trainings (hair dressing, liquid soap, re-usable sanitary pad and paper bag making, computer training) and other enterprise development skills using available resources to meet the education, health and nutrition needs of children to fuel sustainable development.

Also, through the Apprenticeship program, we foster on linking young people to local artisans and vocational institutions for practical skilling (coaching, mentorship) and later link them to individuals and groups to financial services and markets.  Young people and communities are equipped with knowledge, skills and techniques of designing land, goat rearing, among others that  are environment friendly through proper waste management using 3R approach (Recycle, Re-use and Reduce). EYDI seek to change person(s), peer support groups and communities towards actions that transit into healthy and proactive lifestyles.

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