Youth Livelihood Project

With support from Government of Uganda, EYDI was given funds to implement ICT for youth employment creation project.

This project was focus on increasing accessibility of quality computer practical training for job creation, usage that meet information technology labor markets through tapping the opportunities in ICT sector at all levels; informal and formal sector. This project will renders services ranging from computer desktop publishing, maintenance and repair training, software installations, internet among other services.

Youth Livelihood Program funds were used to procure modern computers and associated peripherals thus improving the capacity of EYDI ICT Training facility and counseling center at Kiwenda, Busukuma Division, Wakiso Districts. This project trains young people with computer application, maintenance and repair skills.

This is focused on providing of young people with marketable computer desktop publishing maintenance and repair for job creation and income generation, offer ICT based and secretarial services for improved financial potential of young people through employment creation and build their capacity to improve their social and economic wellbeing to reduce on cases of drug abuse and HIV/AIDS new infection.

Busukuma Sub County’s estimated population is 45,207 people, 8 parishes,39 villages, 33 primary private and government aided and 13 secondary schools, it has not yielded from ICT opportunities


Information and communication technologies (ICTs) flood every aspect of our lives; from most rural and urban parts of the world, And in every community on earth, almost every medium to large organization need people with computer skills for data analysis, repair, networking, programming and soft ware installation. The advancement of ICTs has brought new opportunities for both knowledge sharing and information gathering for both women and men. To the extent that this project aims to reach the unconnected individuals, families, and populations to better understand their needs and challenges, ICTs can provide unlimited opportunities for economic development and social engagement through new innovative thinking and tools. Due to large portions of the community both undeserved and unengaged remains the largest determinant of success for this project in Busukuma Sub County.


Uganda’s youth out of school have no sustainable source of income and 62% of them are unemployed (Action Aid International), only 9% in rural areas do have access to Information and communication technology (UBOS 2001) and 25% of young girls become pregnant at the age of 19 below (UBOS 2006). Also, majority of the youth entering labor market have no practical skills considering that the primary and secondary schools do not offer vocational skills training. This window of hope, if not planned for, is likely to pose a serious threat to the well-being of society.


EYDI collaboration with DSW Uganda under the BMZ project is implementing SRH/Life skills Project in Busukuma Division, Wakiso District.

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